The Saya team came to me looking for new copy and a redesign of the Wix site they'd created for their business. When they updated their logo, they came to me again for a second update to align with their new visuals. 
My Role
UI Designer: Created layout, integrated color palette from packaging, selected and edited photos to display on the site.

Copywriter: Composed most of the content for the website; revised existing copy.
UI Designer
Since the client was already familiar with Wix, we decided to stick with it for the redesign. For the first iteration of the site, I used Wix's drag and drop tool to layout a new homepage, create secondary pages, add images, update fonts, and add new color palette. I also reworked the checkout process to clearly delineate the options available for pick-up from those available for delivery. (Saya has since moved to a ChowNow for online orders.)

When Saya updated their logo and colors for new packaging, they came back and requested a second redesign to match the new elements. I knew they wanted something bright and bold that would standout. So, instead of limiting the website's palette to the three earthy tones that dominated their new packaging, I also pulled in colors from the cholita's manta (or shawl), a small element of the new packaging. I ran the colors through an accessibility tool to make sure I had sufficient contrast (WCAG AA) for the text elements and adjusted a few of the colors to get the needed contrast. I then took the color palette, and, using the manta as inspiration, created different sections for the homepage (image below).

I used bright and bold colors to break the different sections of the homepage. 

When the site came to me, the homepage had an option to order plus the store hours. I wanted to keep it easy for users to purchase from the site, so I rewrote the call to action but kept the hours and link to order. However, realizing that many people had not heard of a salteña, I wanted to add more content for those needing more pre-purchase information. To do this, I wrote a paragraph describing the salteña and another introducing the company's founder. From there, I created a new page that provided a more in-depth description of salteñas and another page explaining the business' origins
The new website adds a more intuitive layout, bold colors, and provides additional information for people new to Bolivian food.
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